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Park Master Plan

The Town of Pantego Bicentennial Park has been a focal point of the town and a hot spot for events ranging from birthday parties and weddings to all sorts of holiday events.  The Bicentennial Park was said to be “Built in the spirit of freedom by the local citizens”, and has undergone many changes over the years.  In 1996, Bicentennial Park began a redevelopment process which allowed for improved drainage with a concrete lined channel and gabion baskets. The channel improvements were to help correct and prevent erosion problems that had long plagued the public works department.  The park continued to change with the construction of pavilions, restroom facilities and a gazebo to hold park events.  Later with the addition of the wading pond and playgrounds, it was evident that with the continued rerouting of the electrical system and irrigation system to allow for the installation of statues and decorative ponds, that the park never really had a true park master to guide its development.

A park master plan is created as a blueprint to help organize and guide the development and proposed uses of a park facility.  The town is always looking for ways to fund improvement to its facilities. The opportunities for grant funding are few, and most grants for park development or improvement require a park master plan as a qualification for grant funding. The Town has met with several landscape architects to assist with the development of a park master plan for Pantego Bicentennial Park. 

Upon the selection of the landscape architect, a survey was issued for residents to voice the desires and concerns for future park development.  The process has led many to examine aspects of future development that had not been considered in previous years.  The park master plan has undergone several changes to consider the wants and desires of the citizens and to help address the concerns and issues with maintaining the park as identified by town staff.  Upon completion and review of the plan we are hopeful that town council will formally adopt the park master plan in the near future.

                                                             Park Master Plan