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Electricity is delivered by Oncor.  Go to to view a list of electricity providers.

If you are experiencing a power outage or need to report a street light outage, please contact Oncor at (888) 313-4747.  You can also report street light outages online at

Need assistance in monitoring, evaluating and controlling your electrical consumption?  Visit the Smart Meter Texas website at:  This site is sponsored by the coalition of Transmission and Distribution Service Providers to help consumers make informed decisions about their electricity usage.

A smart meter provides continuously available, remote, two-way communication and information storage capability that records and stores your electrical usage in 15-minute intervals and communicates that usage back to your electrical utility company.  Unlike the traditional electric meters, smart meters show "when" the energy was consumed.

To gain access to your usage data and your meter information you must first register on their website.  (The information is available whether you are a residential customer or a business customer.)  To register, you will need the Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) and meter number for each Smart Meter.  Your ESI ID number is on your electric bill and your meter number is on the meter itself and may be on your electric bill.  For more information and to get started, click on the Register Now icon located below.

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