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Electronic Recycling
In May of 2011, Gov. Rick Perry signed the TV Takeback Recycling bill into law.  Under the new law, manufacturers who sell in the state can join the Recycling Leadership Program.  Several television marketers already have recycling programs.  One is Best Buy, which will take back most electronics whether purchased at Best Buy or not.  They will take back tube and flat-screen televisions and other electronics for $10.00 and immediately give customers a $10.00 Best Buy gift card.  The Time To Recycle website offers a state-by state breakdown of electronic recycling pickup sites.

Also, consumers can donate televisions and other electronic equipment at any of the 19 area Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth sites in Tarrant County.  For questions and a list of Goodwill sites go to, or call (817) 332-7866 ext. 5016 for more information.

An additional electronic recycling option is available to you thru MaxBack.  They will recycle your phones, tablets and iPods and send you money back.  It's as easy as reviewing their price listing, accepting their quote, shipping it free via the USPS, and receiving payment upon completion of their inspection of the equipment.  You are able to select one of three payment options:  PayPal, Amazon gift card, or a check (expediting is available if the refund check is $50.00 or more).  Processing time is approximately two to three business days upon receipt of your electronics.