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Building Safety

Contact Information:

Schedule an inspection                 817-617-3700

For technical questions                 817-617-3708

Building Permit Information:

Most construction or repair projects require a permit.  Wall coverings, floor coverings and minor repairs do not require permits.   It is recommended that you call the Town to confirm whether a permit is needed or not.

Work that "DOES" require a permit:

  1. Any new installation or relocation of trade work (electric, plumbing, mechanical)
  2. Any reconfiguration of space, i.e. moving walls, doors, windows
  3. Water Heaters
  4. Fences
  5. Accessory Buildings
  6. Window Replacement
  7. Irrigation Systems
  8. Any Advertising Signage
  9. Everything Else

Work that "DOES NOT" require a permit:

  1. Painting or Wallpaper
  2. Carpet or Tile
  3. Cabinets and Countertops

Time Frame:

  1. Routine permits, such as water heaters, irrigation systems, repairs, etc., can usually be approved at Town Hall upon submittal.
  2. Most permits require a short review by the Community Development Director and will be approved or denied in just a few days.
  3. Permits for major renovation or new construction typically take two to three weeks to review.

Building Inspections:

All work permitted within the Town must be inspected.  Depending on the work being done, there may be multiple inspections that need to occur.  The plan review report that is issued with the permit will list the inspections that will be required by the Town.  To schedule an inspection, please call 817-617-3700.  Any request for inspection made between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, will be scheduled for the next business day, schedule permitting. 

Building Codes:

2015 International Code
2015 International Building Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Residential Building Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Existing Building Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Plumbing Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Mechanical Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Fuel Gas Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Energy Code with Local Amendments
2015 International Fire Code with Local Amendments
2014 National Electrical Code with Local Recommendations

The International Code Council provides a free training and education on the subject of Tornadoes and Hurricanes.  The Town of Pantego would like to offer you access to this training if you would like to view it the link is attached below:

Once you are on the main website you will click Course Catalog, View full course list and then scroll down to the course titled Surviving Tornadoes and Hurricanes.