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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the fine amount of my ticket?

Click here for common violations

2. What are my options?

You have several options in handling your ticket.  To make a payment online, click here. Online payments constitute a plea of no contest and are entered as a guilty judgment. The judgment is reported to DPS as a conviction on your driving record.

If eligible, there are two options available if you are wanting to keep the offense off of your driving record. We offer the options of deferred disposition or taking a driving safety class

3. How can I check to see if my ticket is in warrant status?

Contact the Municipal Court at (817) 617-3732 or (817) 617-3757metro

If you do have warrants, you may be eligible to set up a payment plan. You will need to contact the Warrant Officer at (817) 617-3734 or (817) 617-3735 for information on prices and payment amounts.

Payment Plan Application

4. When is my court date?

You are not automatically given a court date when you receive a citation. You are given an appearance date meaning that you must appear either in person or by mail within 15 days of receiving your citation. The state of Texas has special requirements for juvenile defendants that can be found here. Faxing or calling the court do not constitute an appearance.

5. Can I get an extension over the phone?

No. A request for extension must be made in person.